Daily POS Data Backup

Last updated 12 May 2022, 19:27

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If disaster strikes, (fire, flood, virus, or simple hard drive failure) is your data secure?


The only real solution that could avoid crippling of your business and loss of thousands of dollars is having proper Backups.

Proper backup should include a hybrid combination of local and off-site storage, and done daily.
(In many cases of ransomware viruses, local storage backups were encrypted and commercial online backup accounts disconnected as well)

Equally important is to keep previous backups, so if your latest backup is infected without you knowing, you have a valid one to fall back on.

Don't delay! Take the necessary precautionary measures now and sign up for our Daily POS Data Backup Service to ensure your data is safe.


Daily Backups Details:

  • Complete POS Data Backup - Contact CompuDime Support for Pricing

  • QuickBooks Backup - Contact CompuDime Support for Pricing

  • One-Time Setup Charge - Contact CompuDime Support for Pricing