External Share for Confluence is a secure app that allows Confluence pages to be shared with external users. No additional Confluence licenses are required! Share links with external users and allow them to add comments and attachments, and follow updates live on your Confluence pages.

External Share for Confluence Features:

  • Create customizable, unique links to your Confluence pages

  • Share and add attachments and comments (no extra licenses required!)

  • View all child pages from a single shared link

  • Set shared link expiration date and times

  • Protect links with passwords

  • Directly email links from within the app

  • Customize your email message

  • Modify pages with custom CSS and HTML

Check out our getting started guide for an overview of all the latest External Share features.

Want to securely share your Confluence pages? Use our dedicated app External Share for Jira!

External Share for Confluence - Cloud Pricing

Team size Monthly Price Average price/user
1-10 $10 n/a (flat fee)
20 $20 $1.00
50 $50 $1.00
75 $75 $1.00
100 $100 $1.00
200 $150 $0.75
500 $225 $0.45
750 $275 $0.37
1000 $325 $0.33
2000 $525 $0.26
5000 $1,125 $0.23

External Share for Confluence 7 October 2019, 10:38

Added by: Tom Harris (tom.harris@oldstreetsolutions.com)

Adding comments without a Confluence license is easy with External Share for Confluence.

Anyone with the link can do it! …but it’s been disabled for this example link 😉