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The integration with Personio covers the following scenarios:

  • Job Synchronisation (Import jobs from Personio after a fixed interval, i.e. every hour)

  • Application Synchronisation (Application created in Talentry gets transmitted in near real time to Personio)

Talentry takes advantage of the Recruiting API offered by Personio that enables a seamless integration with Talentry.

Setup Steps

During the Setup process please use one of the following excel documents and complete the yellow highlighted cells. We will need the information to configure your integration accordingly. We provide two templates, one for the CRM module and another one for the Employee Referral Program. Please ask your CSM or Implementation Consultant which template is relevant for you.



1. API Information

The name of the subdomain is needed here.


The Company ID and the API Access token are required for this to perform.

2. Configuration

Open the provided excel document to collect all necessary information along with the setup. Steps for configuring your Personio account to enable the integration with Talentry are as follows:

  •  Supply us with the subdomain of your company:

Fig-1 : Subdomain
  • Navigate to Settings > API.

Supply us with the ‘Company ID’ and the ‘Recruiting API access token’.


Fig-2: Company ID and Recruiting API access token


  • Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Candidates.

Create a tag named ‘Talentry-Referral’ and/or ‘Talentry-CRM’ and/or ‘Internal Application’. Please make sure to use this exact spelling.

Fig-3 : Create Tag
  • Create a couple of new attributes

For both products, an attribute named ‘TalentryId’

For Referrals: ‘Referral Information’

For CRM: ‘CRM-Recruiter Information

Fig-4 : Create Attribute


  • The newly created attributes will be displayed in the list as below:

Fig-5 : Attribute list
  • Click on the edit button (pencil icon) shown as below:

Fig-6 : Edit an attribute

Supply us with the ‘Attribute name’ and the ‘API Attribute name’ as pairs. For instance,

(TalentryId -> custom_attribute_504184), (Referral Information -> custom_attribute_504186)


Fig-7 : Attribute details
  • Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Channels. Create a channel named ‘Talentry-Referral’ and/or ‘Talentry-CRM’ and/or ‘Talentry-Internal’.

Fig-8 : Create a channel

It will show up in the list as below. Supply us with the ‘Channel ID‘ of this newly created channel.

Fig-9 : Channel ID

Navigate to Settings and provide the needed picklists.

Please provide the picklists for:




3. Post a Job to Talentry

When you want to post a job in Talentry via the integration you need to

  • Select a sub-company

  • Select a Department

  • and the Office

If you don’t use sub-companies let us know.

  • For populating information about the reward, please put the reward following this exact convention in the Keywords‘ box:

Rew:500 EUR (Rew:500<space>EUR)

Internal Only (Internal)

  • Click Publish to publish the job.

The published job will be synchronised in Talentry when the scheduled integration runs (usually by the next hour).

4. Receiving applications from Talentry

When a candidate applies through Talentry application form, it will be instantly transmitted to Personio.

An application transmitted from Talentry looks similar to the following where the tag and the channel makes it distinguishable:

We want to send the information from Talentry to the right application attributes in Personio.

Supply us with the ‘Attribute name’ and the ‘API Attribute name’ as pairs for every attribute of your choice in Talentry. At least your mandatory fields in Personio.




Talentry ID

Referral/CRM Information

For instance,

(TalentryId -> custom_attribute_504184),

(Referral Information -> custom_attribute_504186).


The referral information along with the application ID of Talentry can be found typically at the bottom:

5. Conclusion

It is necessary to configure your Personio account exactly as mentioned in this document to get the most out of the integration.