Customer Orders Advanced Sort

Last updated 11 November 2021, 18:10

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The Customer Order Module item search is comprised of two advanced sort features:

  • Sort by Customer 1(see number 1 in image)

  • Sort by Relevance 2

Below is an overview of the features:

Sort by Customer Recently Purchased

  • By default, items the customer purchased recently will be at the top of the list with a Customer icon near the item3. You will easily be able to easily find the items the customer usually purchases.

  • When you start searching in the search bar, the item list will update with the items the customer purchased already on top of the list 5.

  • When sorting on a column, for example on Brand, the items the customer purchased from that Brand will be on top.

  • You can remove the Customer Recently Purchased search feature by unclicking the Customer Recently Purchased button 1.

  • By default, the list shows items that the Customer purchased in the last 60 days. To change this to a different day scope, please contact Support.

Sort by Relevance

  • Sort by Relevance will auto disable when you click on a column header to sort by that column, and will auto reenable when you add the item searched for to the Customers Order items list.

  • Likewise if you unclick Search by Relevance, the feature will auto reenable after you add one item to the customer’s order.

  • To disable the auto reenabling, right-click on any column and unselect option “Auto Snap Back to Relevance.” 4

  • If the Sort by Relevance button is disabled, please contact support to set it up.