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Jira provides "Issue Links", "Sub-Task", and "Issues in Epic" panels to visualize issues that are related to the current issue. Our goal is to go beyond that and make a more relevant and dynamic set of data available to the user.

Smart Panels for Jira accelerates the work process by providing the user with more information.

It gives you the ability to

  • add context sensitive howto information straight from your linked Confluence knowledge bases to Jira issues, see Smart Wiki Panel

  • create your own panels to provide users with context-relevant issue search results, see Smart Issue Panel

  • customize Jira’s built-in panels, see Smart System Panel


 See a full feature list here

More details:

  • use System Panel to customize the Jira built-in panels, "Issue Links", "Sub-Tasks" and “Issues In Epic“

    • add more Jira fields to the panel columns

    • see also General features

  • use Issue Panel to provide user context relevant issues directly in the issue overview

    • create a new Issue Panel for a specific project and issue type

    • create multiple Issue Panels per project and issue type

    • use JQL to define the search

    • or reuse JQL from an existing filter

    • get the extra power of the additional JQL function currentIssueField() to perform searches using values from the current issue

    • configure the content of panel using any of the available Jira fields

    • create statistics sum(), mean(), min() and max() on the content of the panel.

      • Applicable to numeric fields

    • export the content of the Smart Issue Panel to EXCEL or CSV.

    • see also General features

  • use the Wiki Panel to provide context relevant content from any linked Confluence:

    • create a new Wiki Panel for a specific project and issue type

    • create multiple Wiki Panels per project and issue type

    • build your search term from referenced Jira fields or free text combining both to perform searches

    • refine your search using the interactive Confluence filter

    • configure the panel columns with Confluence metadata, e.g. creator, history, title and etc

  • General features

    • use custom header names

    • customize the order of columns

    • add pagination to your panel

    • disable panels if temporarily not needed

    • configure visibility for specific project roles and user groups

    • give project administrators the ability to configure their own project's panel

    • copy a Smart Panel to reuse the configuration

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