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First of all: Criticism is crucial to achieve better results. If you don’t get negative feedback, what would be the starting point for improvement?

Criticism challenges a result, but the criticism itself needs to be challenged as well. Many people tend to criticise, but omit to challenge their own criticism according to identical benchmarks. And most of all, staying objective in an argument seems to be the most difficult task of all.

The translators of the KJV in 1604 already faced a whole lot of criticism, even fatal attacks. Later their work was devalued by people, stating newer translations would be “better” oer “more accurate” or contain less errors.

In this project and its participants we will face the same amount and seriousness of criticism and attacks. We have to face this criticism and deal with it. A good strategy is to be informed about what we may face in the process.

In this section you find a collection of KJV-criticisms, blaming, shaming, and attacks on KJV-onlyism. Applicable to us or not, we will face these attacks anyway. People will wipe our results away in seconds. They will blame us to be bad translators, not educated enough or in the wrong fields. And they will fill up their attacks with criticism aiming at our translation subject itself: The KJV of 1611. Sufficient or not.

Our main goal is to create an exact translation of the King James Version of 1611. Nothing more, nothing less. This project will not correct the alleged “errors”. That's not our task and not our goal. Our results should even face the same criticism as its source. Then we would have been really successful in transport the KJV to other languages.

So, find here, what we have found already, before even starting to work on this project, and please feel free to add to the list (in the best case leaving some commentary about the source and the content, if possible):

Dr. Stephen C. Meyers, prominent for defending and promoting Intelligent Design, but opposed to Young Earth Creationism, documented his problems with the KJV on this homepage. Be prepared to receive opposition from him and his followers during this project. Last update of this site: June, 28th, 2020!

The author, Matthew J. Korpman, enlists changes the KJV made to earlier Bibles of its day and comments on them. Nice work and good to know.