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Here you find links to external sources that you can use for your work.

King James Bible online

Facsimile of the original King James Authorized Version of 1611:



Here you find a KJV-facsimile from 1611 with an extensive introduction of A. W. Pollard from 1911:



King James Bible Online is mostly our base of the facsimile screenshots and transcribed texts. The texts are the best you’ll find online. Still with minor errors, that we correct before taking the transcribed text into the project:



And of course the Blue Letter Bible, giving us the Hebrew and Greek and all Strong’s info along and inline to the KJV text. So important and helpful:




The favorite dictionary for this project until now:

Early Modern English language

Texts & Literature

→ Bible in English: King James (1611)

Old English - Anglo-Norman - Middle English - Late Modern English

→ Bible in English

United Kingdom - England: maps & documents